Yorktown High School Students Tour IBM

AP Physics students saw some of the equipment that is being used in research and spoke with IBM scientists.

Yorktown High School's AP Physics visited IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown on Dec. 14.

Here is what Guerney Hunt, member of the 2013 AP Physics class, wrote about the visit:

As part of the AP physics class at Yorktown High School, we were invited by Yorktown Councilman Vishnu Patel to tour the IBM research facility located in Yorktown. This invitation afforded our class the opportunity to see some of the equipment that is being used in world class research, as well as the opportunity to speak with some world renowned scientists.

It was really amazing as we were allowed to see the historical IBM supercomputer Blue Gene, as well as the Watson Computer known for its debut on Jeopardy.

In addition we listened as a researcher explained to us the uses of the particle the IBM particle accelerate with respect to scientific advancement. The day concluded as scientist Dr. Robert Denard, the inventor of DRAM, a technology still fundamental to the personal computer, and Dr. James Wynne, one of the inventors of the Excimer laser, used in laser eye surgery, spoke to us about their inventions. As a potential engineer or scientist the trip was an awesome opportunity to meet and hear about past inventions as well as current developments in the technology industry.

We want to thank Dr. Davendra Gupta , Dr. Matt Copal and many other IBM Research scientist.


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