Yorktown to Hire Police Officer for Undercover Narcotics Unit

Yorktown Police Department officials are in the process of interviewing candidates following a decision by town board members to hire a police officer for the purpose of restarting the narcotics unit in town.

The undercover narcotics unit was active until 2009 when an undercover police officer got injured while on duty. 

"[The narcotics unit] was never really technically disbanded," Yorktown Police Lt. Kevin Soravilla told Patch. "It wasn't working in its full capacity."

Lt. Soravilla said after the undercover police officer got injured, the department didn't have the manpower needed to devote to the unit. Now, hiring a police officer dedicated solely to drug enforcement would bring back the police department to its original capacity and ability to go after major drug dealers. 

"With drug enforcement we try to get the big guy who is distributing the drugs," Lt. Soravilla said. "That's what we are focusing on. We're trying to find the person who is selling the drugs."

Currently, about 80 percent of the drug arrests are due to police officers stopping cars while on patrol and subsequently seeing pills in plain view or detecting marijuana odor, police said. 

The Yorktown Police Department's manpower is currently 55, but the ideal number is 58, Lt. Soravilla said. 

What do you think? How could Yorktown benefit from the narcotics unit? Tell us in the comments section below.
Jason Everett January 11, 2014 at 11:49 PM
This is a complete waste of money. The Yorktown police department should have been replaced by County or State Police back in 2007. Why that didn't go through, I don't know. The main problem have with YPD is the fact that they are almost ALL town residents. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with "yorktowners", but it is very evident that they interpret laws differently based on who you know in town office. Secondly, I'm going out of my way to say that Yorktown Police Officers are LAZY! At almost any given time you will find a police cruiser in the commerce building parking lot, or behind the Commerce Street Firehouse. I've even walked by a cop sleeping in his cruiser, while witnessing cars running through stop signs. As a taxpayer, this is absolutely unacceptable. I understand that there isn't always "call" for a cop to respond to, but their not being paid to take a nap! Drive around and patrol the town. We all know where the drugs are being sold - Starbucks, and "Club Shell." Secondly, Why does the Yorktown Police Department answer 911 calls pertaining to Fire and EMS. They are NOT EMDs (Emergency Medical Dispatchers) (which is a REMSCO Guideline). If anyone listens to them on a scanner it is obvious that they send an "officer" before notifying the appropriate agency. Just my 2 cents......
John Mullen January 13, 2014 at 11:15 PM
Jason, while there are certain aspects where I see "eye to eye" with you, there are a few that need clarifying... 1: Yorktown Police are not necessarily lazy. They were most likely filling out their incident reports ( completed via. Laptop in the cruisers). Trust me, I'm in the firehouse parking lot fairly often, I know... 2. If an officer was taking a nap, did you bring it to the Chief of Police's attention? No, then why complain about it. 3. I think your "townie" nonsense is such... Nonsense. I know quite a few officers, and town officials, and I can tell you with experience if you deserve a ticket ( regardless of who you are) you will be issued a ticket. End of story Now for what I agree with 1: I truly believe that the Yorktown Police Department should NOT be dispatching YVAC nor the 34-medics. I think it would be in the best interest for public safety if this was transferred to 60 control (county fire/EMS dispatch) to consolidate the dispatching / control, and allow for a more uniform, and consistent operating procedure. 2: I did some research and You are partly correct regarding your "REMSCO" guidelines. While it doesn't mention anything about EMD's (emergency medical dispatchers) taking calls for BLS (Basic Life Support) units (YVAC for example), it is against their guidelines to take calls if their dispatching an ALS service ( such as the 34- Medics). 3: Yorktown Police have a major issue when it comes to requesting the appropriate agency. I think moving Yorktown's Emergency Medical Services to county dispatch would solve this. However, I don't appreciate you lashing out over this on the internet. If you have a problem with how they operate DO SOMETHING, don't just sit back and complain.


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