Somers: Form a Line of Honor for Newtown Teacher's Funeral Tomorrow

Somers officials are calling residents to join them along Route 100 at 11 a.m. Dec. 20 as Anne Marie Murphy's body is carried to Saint Joseph's Cemetery.


Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy sent out this notice this evening:

We have all been deeply shaken by the horrific events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last week. 

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 20 at 10 am is the funeral for educator Anne Marie Murphy, who so valiantly tried to shield the children from harm with her own body. Anne Marie as a youth attended Kennedy Catholic High School right here in Somers. The funeral procession will travel north on Route 100 to St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Somers.

We ask that anyone who wishes to share their grief for the Murphy family and all the victims and families of Newtown join us to revere them by forming a line of honor on Route 100 as the funeral procession passes to Anne Marie’s internment at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

We will congregate in the area of the Town Hall, Bailey Park, Bailey Court and the Somerstown Shopping center. Be in place before 11:15 am.

Please do not go down toward the cemetery. The family will need that area for the cars in the funeral procession.

Our hearts and prayers remain with the Murphy family and all those so devastatingly impacted by this tragedy.


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