Yorktown, Lakeland Schools to Revisit 'Own Health and Safety' Procedures

"This is an absolute and unspeakable tragedy," one person says of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT.

In light of today's tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, where , many local parents are in shock, disbelief and immense grief. 

"Schools should be a safe place, but this world does not seem to have safe places anymore," said Patrice Athanasidy, who has children in the Lakeland Central School District. "It is a shame."

The tragedy has parents and school officials taking a look at their own school safety procedures. Both Lakeland and Yorktown school districts conduct emergency drills regularly – lockdown, lockout and fire drills. 

"We will use this opportunity to look at all of our procedures especially as we learn more about the Conn. situation," Lakeland Central School District spokesperson James VanDevelde told Patch. 

Each of the buildings' doors are locked and each building has a video and buzzer system in order for people to enter the building. 

"We also have video cameras throughout our building inside and outside," he said. Of course, our secondary schools also have [school resource officers].

Yet one local parent, who has children in one of Lakeland's elementary schools, told Patch she would like to see more steps taken to ensure the safety of her two young boys. 

"This is an absolute and unspeakable tragedy," VanDevelde said. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those at Sandy Hook who have been affected by this situation. The death of anyone is tragic, but when it involves children who have died senseless, it makes it somewhat worse."

Today, Yorktown police officers within the Yorktown and Lakeland school district and were on school grounds at dismissal time for additional security.

At the Yorktown school district faculty and staff have building emergency response teams meet regularly to go over emergency response tactics.

"The hearts of our community go out ti the families of the families of the children who are directly affected," Yorktown Central School District media manager told Patch. "We use these unfortunate situations to revisit our own health and safety procedures. The health and safety of our children and staff are our number one priority."

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Joanne Erenberg December 14, 2012 at 09:46 PM
We need to eliminate some of the low income housing in Mohegan Lake right across from the elementary school. Never mind the "home" on Lexington within hundreds of yards of the school.


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