Rich Becker Calls on Nan Hayworth to Put Middle Class Before Millionaires

If Congresswoman Nan Hayworth had her way, middle income families would get their $1,000 payroll tax cut only if Medicare is cut while millionaires get a free ride. That’s not right.


My campaign just sent out this press release. - Rich



Campaign to deliver online petition to her office on Tuesday.

Rich Becker, congressional candidate in New York’s lower Hudson Valley, calls on Congresswoman Nan Hayworth to put the middle class before millionaires and vote to extend the $1,000 payroll tax cut for 10.1 Million New Yorkers without hurting seniors.  Becker’s campaign has collected hundreds of signatures online from folks all across the district demanding Hayworth stop playing games with the middle class and plans to deliver them to her district office Tuesday morning.

“The difference between our priorities are clear – I support the payroll tax cut for middle class families and Congresswoman Nan Hayworth supports tax breaks for millionaires and ending Medicare,” said Rich Becker.  If Congresswoman Nan Hayworth had her way, middle income families would get their $1,000 payroll tax cut only if Medicare is cut while millionaires get a free ride.  That’s not right.

160 million Americans will face a $1,000 tax increase if the payroll tax cut is not extended by December 30, 2011.  Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, says that increasing the payroll tax could cost nearly 1 million American jobs and trigger another recession. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found that extending the payroll tax cut is more cost effective to promote economic growth and employment than more tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy.


  • ·         Tax Increase for 10.1 Million New Yorkers. In New York, failing to pass the payroll tax cut would mean 10.1 million people would face an average of $1,000 tax increase. In 2010, a two percent point payroll tax cut was signed into law, providing an estimated $108.6 billion in tax relief to roughly 159 million workers. If Congress fails to extend this tax break, it will cost the typical American working family $1,000 per year. [Office of Tax Policy – U.S. Treasury Department, 11/30/11]
  • ·         More Effective Than Tax Breaks for the Rich. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), it is more cost effective to promote economic growth and increase employment through reducing employees’ payroll taxes than policies that more greatly benefit those with relatively high incomes, such as the Bush tax cuts and an Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) patch.  The CBO estimated that reducing employees’ payroll taxes would raise GDP by $0.30 to $0.90 between 2010 and 2015 per every dollar spent, but a two-year AMT patch and one-year deferral of Bush tax cuts would only raise output by $0.10 to $0.40 for every dollar spent. [Congressional Budget Office, 1/10]
  • ·         Cost Nearly 1 Million Jobs. According to the Economic Policy Institute, “The loss of the payroll tax holiday, a tax cut that reduces Social Security payroll tax for all workers, would lead to a reduction in GDP of $128 billion and roughly 972,000 fewer jobs in 2012.” [Economic Policy Institute, 8/5/11]
  • ·         Trigger Another Recession. According to Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, failing to extend a payroll tax break into 2012 could trigger another recession. [Moody’s Analytics, 9/9/11; Reuters, 10/6/11]


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John J. Timmel December 15, 2011 at 10:10 PM
Although it certainly is nice to pay less in taxes, there is little or no evidence that continuing the tax holiday on the enployee's share of the social security tax has done anything to either improve the economy or reduce unemployment. Secondly, the stated purpose of the social security tax is to fund the payment of social security benefits. Those benefits are increasing in scope every day, as more and more people retire and appy. This tax "cut," however, has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars that would otherwise been paid to the fund. The fund should be increasing to meet the ever-increasing expenses, not reduced. It's nice to play Santa Claus with public money, Dr. Becker, but the country can no longer afford this kind of bogus economics. Did you somehow miss the 2010 election returns, doctor? Why do you think Dr. Hayworth was elected to Congress - to further increase the national debt? Social security, Medicare and Medicaid are broke, but the democrats are still in denial. Fiscal sanity must be imposed on Washington, and the only way that will happen is to defeat Barack Obama and elect a republican majority in the Senate in 2012. John J. Timmel
Lisa Graham December 30, 2011 at 04:42 AM
are you listening Rich? The people of the 19th are speaking. This "payroll tax holiday is farcical. If you can't hear, we can employ that dumb human microphone thing like those hapless Occupiers. We (we) don't (don't) believe (believe) anything (anything) you (you) say (say). Got it? Obama and his ridiculous faux economic policies are what could cause another recession. ALSO, Rich, clearly you are not aware that a huge amount of the 19th Congressional District Residents get screwed by the Alternative Minimum Tax and WE ARE NOT ALL RICH!!!!!! My property taxes are $18,000, yet I can't write off a portion of them because they are deemed "too high" by the Federal Tax Policy! How about that for logic? So, instead of blindly quoting the CBO, educate yourself about the real economic issues of Northern Westchester. Also, millionaires pay plenty, much more than their fair share, how about those that don't pay any income tax at all, Rich? Let's bring them into the fold, have them put a little skin in the game. After all, it's patriotic to pay taxes, Biden says so. You sound silly saying that the wealthy get a free ride. The top 1% pay a huge portion of total taxes, the top 10% almost all! You know that, but good Democrats aren't allowed to say it out loud. Debbie Wasserman Schultz would go after you, and that would be scary!
Francis T McVetty January 03, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Lisa, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is very scary all by herself.[wink]
Francis T McVetty January 03, 2012 at 03:50 PM
John, I do hope that the people will be over the spell that was cast over them 3 years ago. The question is, "are you better of now than you were three years ago? If you can say yes to that question, then you must be part of the 20% that was added to the government payrolls.
Shecky Neuberger January 03, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Rich, Bloggers are not journalists. You are a blogger here. Bloggers don't have the same protections in the law, says a federal court in Oregon. The state's shield law, which allows journalists to protect the anonymity of sources, applies only to those in the traditional media, such as broadcast and newspapers. This means that a blogger can be sued for defamation and cannot use the shield law as protection. You are worth alotta money in a defamation lawsuit. We like Nan Hayworth's stand. You are soooo 2008, and you need to understand why Nan was elected in 2010. Democrats are running from your positions in 2012. Maybe you shouldn't continue to blog or run in 2012.


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