Yorktown Lifts State of Emergency

Officials ask residents to limit travel.

Editor's Note: The following information was provided by the Yorktown Police Department. 

The Town of Yorktown has lifted the declared State of Emergency but residents are still requested to limit their travel so that the emergency workers can continue to clear fallen trees and wires to restore electrical power. The Town of Yorktown has 14,500 customers being served by NYSEG and Con Edison and as of this time approximately 9,400 have had their power restored. NYSEG has 2,300 customers without power and Con Edison has 2,800 without power. 

Garbage pickup in the town is expected to resume on the normal schedule beginning on Monday, Nov. 5 and both Lakeland and Yorktown schools are expected to open on that date as well, possibly with a delayed opening. 

The Yorktown Community and Cultural Center which is open to residents as a warming center/shelter will remain open for residents who need shelter until further notice. 

Gasoline supplies are available and stations are receiving deliveries regularly. Residents are asked to get gasoline as they normally would when they need it, instead of topping off, which would alleviate the problem with lines at stations. 

More dry ice is expected to be available later in the day [Sunday] which will be distributed at the Triangle Shopping Center. For information on times of distribution, residents can call 211 or listen to updates that will be broadcast of radio station WHUD. 

Brian Mac... November 05, 2012 at 02:15 PM
I'm glad the Town of Yorktown has lifted their state of emergency. Someone needs to explain to me what the town actually did to assist residents of a town in the highest taxed County in the Country. The police did not direct traffic at major intersections until around day 3 or 4 they appeared at a few intersections. The highway dept cut the ends off a few trees protruding from yards into the road and took what they cut and dragged into the residents yard. Why is the Shell and Mobile gas stations in Town charging $4.56 a gallon for gas? At one point the Shell on Rt. 202 was charging $4.95 a gallon? This is pure price gouging? I would love to know what they use our tax dollars for, because I have no idea...


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