Somers Lions Club to Donate New Tree to Town

Photo credit: Somers Lions Club Facebook
Photo credit: Somers Lions Club Facebook
Editor's Note: C. Vincent Papa, past President of the Somers Lions Club, posted the following information on the Somers Lions CLub Facebook page announcing the donation of a new tree to the Town of Somers--

Dear Somers Residents,

It has come to our attention that there have been inquiries as to the health of the evergreen tree situated in front of the Elephant Hotel. Unfortunately due to severe weather conditions over this past winter the root system of the tree did not take hold. As a result the tree has died.

We would like to inform the residents of Somers that this tree did not cost the taxpayers of Somers any money at all. Actually the tree was a donation and the Somers Lions Club paid for it to be transported. The actual planting of the tree was done by volunteers.

The good news is that the Somers Lions Club will be planting a beautiful new evergreen tree in front of the Town Hall prior to the Holiday Season. Once again the Somers Lions Club will donate the new tree to this beautiful town. It will be a tree that we can all be proud of. We thank everyone for their inquiries.

C. Vincent Papa
Past President
Somers Lions Club


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