Grace Appoints Deputy Supervisor During First Board Meeting

Councilman Terrence Murphy was chosen as Yorktown supervisor Michael Grace's right hand man.

During the first meeting of the year for the new town board, supervisor Michael Grace suggested a few changes and appointed councilman Terrence Murphy as his deputy supervisor. 

Newly elected councilman Dave Paganelli thanked the people for their confidence in him and for electing him to the position. 

"We assure them we will live to their expectations to the best of our abilities," he said. 

Grace, who had not previously discussed this with the rest of the board members, said he wanted to do away with the 3-minute limit on the courtesy of the floor. 

"I found the time clock a little but offensive," Grace said. "I think that when people come down here and come out of their way to talk to the town board, to cut them off in three minutes, it always drove me crazy. So I want to do away with the three minutes, but I'll let you guys think about it." 

"Let us think about it," councilman Nick Bianco said. "I think you ought to think about it. Wait a couple of weeks and you'll see."

Grace said his "office door is open" during the week and residents don't have to wait for the courtesy of the floor each week to bring up issues to his attention. He also said he wanted people to be considerate of others who are coming to the board meetings especially those with special council they're paying by the hour and if possible to speak at the second courtesy of the floor at the end of the meeting. 

Deputy supervisor Murphy, who was selected by supervisor Grace, took his oath Tuesday night. 

"I would just like to thank Supervisor Grace for having the confidence in me, and me being the deputy supervisor here, and it's my pleasure being able to sit up here and serve for you, the people," Murphy said. And I just want to thank you very much."

Supervisor Grace also thanked former supervisor Susan Siegel, who attended the meeting and was taking notes. He said he appreciated her thorough notes she had left him and that her hard work has not been in vain, as he plans to follow up on what she had started. 

Here are some resolutions the board adopted (to read the full list, click here): 

  • Mileage reimbursement of 55.5 cents per mile to town officials and employees who use their own car in the performance of their official duties.
  • Blanket authority for the supervisor to approve contracts without the prior approval of the Town Board of not more than $12,500 or to exceed $50,000 in in any given calendar year.
  • Set annual salary for , executive assistant to the supervisor, at $73,743
  • Appointed liaisons to the town advisory boards and committees


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