Yorktown PD: 'Do Not Underestimate Magnitude of Storm'

Residents are urged not to call emergency services (911) for non-essential issues during the height of the storm.

The Yorktown Police Department is warning residents that the major storm can cause downed trees to obstruct numerous roads and make travel in some cases impossible. Widespread prolonged power outages and flooding can also be expected. 

The town of Yorktown has declared a state of emergency, effective as of 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 28 until rescinded. During a State of Emergency, all non-essential travel on Yorktown roads is prohibited.  

The Yorktown Community and Cultural Center will open as an emergency shelter on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at noon. The timing of the shelter opening coincides with the ability to safely travel to the shelter, according to the Yorktown Police Department. The shelter will be open to residents without electricity or heat. 

"Residents need to be self-sufficient for the next 48 hours so please take the necessary steps to do so immediately," Yorktown Police said in a special bulletin note sent to residents who had signed up for emergency notifications. "Due to limited resources, the use of the shelter should be a last resort after steps such as staying with friends or family have been exhausted."

If you are in need of immediate emergency evacuation, call 911.

Below is a note from the Yorktown Police Department:

Shelter Notes

  • You must have a valid ID
  • A sleeping bag or blanket and pillow are suggested
  • Only minimal personal belongings
  • No pets are allowed
  • Only limited non-perishable items are permitted
  • No firearms or other weapons

Storms of the magnitude place tremendous strain on local emergency resources. For this reason, residents are urged to use sound judgement in calling emergency services for non-essential issues during the height of the storm.  

Here are some guidelines for who and when to call during the height of the storm:

Police, Fire or Medial Emergencies

Yorktown Police Department - 914-962-4141 or 911

Power Outages

As a reminder, even lines that appear "dead" can be deadly! DO NOT go near down wires. If you encounter a hazardous situation requiring the immediate response of Fire or Police, do not hesitate to call 911. Please do not tax the limited resources of emergency services, however, with simple power outage reports. Instead, call your respective utility company:

  • NYSEG customers - 1.800.572.1131
  • Con Edison customers - 1-800-752-6633

Note: We often receive complaints from Town residents that the utility company arrived at their location and then "left and the power is still not on." Utility companies main objective is to make down lines safe. They will later return to restore power.

Traffic Updates

Please DO NOT call the Yorktown Police Department inquiring about road conditions. There is a State of Emergency prohibiting all non essential traffic. Our dispatch staff will likely be unable to commit time to discussing road conditions.

Use of Generators

If you have a portable generator, please make sure you only use it in a well ventilated outside of your home. For more information on generator safety, click here

Note: The use of generators outside homes during a power outage IS NOT a violation of the Town Code noise ordinance. Please do not call with noise complaints regarding generator noise.

If we are to use hurricane Floyd of 1999 as a benchmark, we can expect widespread flooding and potential collapse of major roadways. Downed trees will obstruct numerous roadways and make travel in some cases impossible. Widespread prolonged power outages are likely. Basements of houses susceptible to water will likely completely flood.

Please do not underestimate the magnitude of this storm. The Yorktown Police Department in conjunction with other other Town Departments have been preparing for this storm for several days. Residents should feel confident that every preparatory measure has been taken and the various branches of government and emergency services are well prepared to ensure the safety of Town residents.

We again ask for your cooperation in exercising sound judgement in contacting emergency services for non-essential purposes during the height of the storm. Residents should also be prepared for extended response times from emergency services as travel will be nearly impossible and call volume excessive.

To subscribe to the Yorktown Police Department's emergency notification list, visit their website www.yorktownpd.org.

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