Peekskill Man Fires Round in Neighbor's Apartment While Cleaning Gun

Authorities will determine tomorrow if an 88-year-old Peekskill man might face criminal charges after he accidentally fired a round from his .22-caliber rifle while cleaning it earlier this afternoon.

An 88-year-old resident of the Hampton Oaks Apartments, located off of Oakwood Dr. in Peekskill, accidentally fired a shot from his .22-caliber rifle while cleaning it Monday afternoon.

Police received a call from the neighbors shortly before  4 p.m. after a bullet shot through the sheetrock wall that divides the two apartments. There were about five people in the neighboring apartment and none of them were injured, according to police.

When police arrived at the scene, they interviewed the 88-year-old  neighbor who explained that he was cleaning his rifle, when he inserted the magazine and accidentally fired a shot. Police said the man was in legal possession of the gun.

Police brought the man in for questioning and released just before 7 p.m. The man is staying with relatives for the night.

Police took the gun into their possession.

“He’s very upset, because he truly loves his neighbors and they think very highly of him,” Peekskill Sgt. Ray Henderlong said Monday.

Henderlong said authorities are still determining what charges, if any, will be filed against the man. Police declined to release the man’s identity Monday night.

Monk E. Lopez December 18, 2012 at 01:24 PM
I'm in favor of arming all 88-year-olds with rifles. They are our first line of defense against enemies, domestic and foreign. When they hit 90, they should be upgraded to machine guns. If they make 100, reward them with a bazooka. You go, Pops!


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