Coyote Spotted on Muchmore Rd.

Michelle Joseph spotted the coyote at about 10 a.m. Monday and contributed her photos to Patch.

A Harrison resident spotted a coyote outside the window of her Muchmore Rd. home Monday morning.

Michelle Joseph told Patch she saw the coyote between 9:30 and 10 a.m. and wanted to get the word out to people in the area to be careful. She said the coyote was in her yard near the intersection of Muchmore Rd. and North St. and left without incident.

"I just happened to look out the window and saw it in our side yard," Joseph said. "It was just kind of walking around our side yard, it kind of walked from the front of it to the back and then back again and took off down Muchmore."

Joseph said this is the first time she has seen a coyote in the area. She said she reported the incident to Harrison Police.



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