Yorktown Volunteers Help Residents During Sandy Recovery

David Liebman, a Yorktown resident, reflects on superstorm Sandy and the town's efforts to keep residents safe.

  • Editor's Note: David Liebman, a Yorktown resident, reflects on super-storm Sandy and the town's efforts to keep residents safe.

I want to pull back the curtain so you can see what occurred behind the scenes during this crises in one area.

A few months ago in an incredible coincidence, the Yorktown [Police Department] started restarted recruiting Yorktown residence to run an emergency shelter in case of a disaster. The team is called CERT. It was a big surprise that in the middle of our training when we were called up to serve the community. 

It is a bit hard to explain, but the organization is operated by the town but with guidance from a federal program

We would not have been created if it was not for the foresight of [Yorktown Supervisor] Michael Grace, our Police Chief [Daniel McMahon], and Officer Larry Eidelman from the Yorktown Police Department. They deserve a big pat on the back. Without Officer Eidelman's training and knowledge many Yorktown citizens would not have had a place to find shelter. As far as I know none of the towns in this area had the foresight to have an emergency operations plan like this town does and do not have a CERT team. They had no safe haven for their residence Yorktown did.

A while back Officer Eidelman secured an entire trailer filled with cots blankets and hygiene items to be used in an emergency operation just like this. It has been stored at the police station. He had everything in place ready to go just like the Red Cross would have done but with his help we did it ourselves. This man deserves a medal for his foresight.  

It would be very nice if the town population was made aware of how hard the CERT volunteers worked and are still working to help our town in their hour of need.


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