Yorktown PD: Having No Power is 'Frustrating'

Officials are asking residents not to call the Yorktown Police Department inquiring about road conditions and power restoration times.

Yorktown police want residents to know the department is already overwhelmed with storm related calls and they don't have information on power restoration. 

"We know how frustrating being without power can be," police said in a statement. "This predicament is typically made worse absent concrete information regarding restoration time estimates."

Utility companies have not provided any estimates of power restoration at this time, but based on the extent of the damage in both utility service areas, residents should anticipate extensive time frames, police said. 

Police said they would update residents with more information when they receive any official information after a full assessment by the utilities has been performed.

Currently, the town's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is coordinating "Cut & Clean" task forces comprised of highway, utility and police officers who are working together to make wires safe so trees can be cleared from roads, police said.  

Yorktown has suffered extensive damage around town. There are hundreds of downed trees and wires and many roads are currently closed, police said. A State of Emergency is still in effect, which means all non-essential travel on Yorktown roads is prohibited.  

"The members of our Department have been working long hours around the clock attempting to manage the hundreds of incidents caused by the storm," Yorktown police said in a press release.

Here is what police said in a statement:

Many residents have voiced understandable concern of being "blocked in" on roadways, which have no other outlet. Residents should know that live electrical lines are involved with most of the down trees blocking these and other roadways. Town highway crews cannot remove trees in these cases due to the life threatening hazard these wires present. 

There are virtually thousands of these types of conditions around the County making quick response by the utility companies extremely difficult. In the event of an emergency where your roadway is blocked, rest assured that rescue workers are trained to gain access to you in challenging conditions.

While response times may be extended, we will get to you as quickly as possible to render aid and make any necessary extrication from your neighborhood. The necessary notifications have been made to utility companies who have also been made aware of the "no outlet" priority.   

The Yorktown Police Department is discouraging residents from celebrating Halloween in the traditional manner of "Trick or Treating." Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy has already prohibited Halloween trick or treating in Somers.

(With trick-or-treating canceled in much of the region, there are still ways to enjoy the ghoulish holiday. Check out our story here.)

There were two deliveries of dry ice made in the Triangle shopping center in Yorktown on Tuesday and dry ice distribution will continue on Wednesday – it will be available at 3:15 p.m. in the CVS parking lot of the Triangle Shopping Center. A shelter is available to Yorktown residents at the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center. 

As a reminder, even lines that appear "dead" can be deadly. If you encounter a hazardous situation requiring the immediate response of fire or police, call 911.

  • NYSEG customers - 1.800.572.1131
  • Con Edison customers - 1-800-752-6633

If you have a portable generator, please make sure you only use it in a well ventilated outside of your home. For more information on generator safety, click here


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M. Callanan October 31, 2012 at 06:29 PM
In areas where we have no power, storm induced or done so to prevent further equipment damege, cleanup crews should not be hampered by live power lines. Frustrating is not the term for what one feels when you lose the ability to live normally!


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