Yorktown Native Takes Third Place at Bodybuilding Competition for Women

Angela LoBrutto took third place by way of a balanced and symmetrical shape and good stage presence at a recent bodybuilding competition.

A Yorktown native, was among a Yorktown woman and a  teacher, who recently showed off her physique at a bodybuilding competition. 

Angela LoBrutto, who works in   and now lives in Hawthorne, competed in the Women’s Open Figure division at 's first Natural New York Championships at the Irvington's Arts & Athletics Center on May 26. The event attracted more than 20 local and out-of-state competitors.

The 26-year-old woman took third place for her "balanced and symmetrical shape and good stage presence."

"I have always been an advocate for health and fitness but always looking for my own personal challenge," said LoBrutto, who got into fitness competitions two years ago and competed in her first show last April.

Her friend and fellow competitor, Ann Reilly, encouraged her to compete for a second time this year. To prepare for her second show, LoBrutto hired a nutritionist, personal trainer and a posing coach. With five months of strict diet, a vigorous exercise routine and the support of her loved ones, she was prepared to compete.

"Preparing for a fitness competition is definitely a full-time job, with all the amounts of time, energy and money you put into it," LoBrutto said. "But the hard work and dedication that is involved in this experience is rewarding at the end. However, I wasn't a fan of the lack of carbs and the mood swings that come with it!"

For the competition, she competed for the first time in the figure category. For figure competitions, competitors need to get a regulated bikini suit. There are two shows within the competition – pre-judging, where judges compare the physique and symmetry of each competitor; and the nighttime show, where competitors showcase their model walk.

"I enjoy this sport because it keeps me focused and driven, I feel good mentally and physically, and as soon as I walk onto the stage, the adrenalin that comes over me, feels like no other," LoBrutto said. "I would absolutely love to continuing fitness competing."

The competition was hosted by Michael Lipowski, owner of Pure Physique in Shrub Oak and co-founder of the Drug Free Athletes Coalition, a not-for-profit formed to provide a platform for natural athletes and physique competitors to showcase what can be achieved through proper nutrition and intelligent training—without the use of steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. 

LoBrutto works at in Jefferson Valley in the marketing department and as a personal trainer. She grew up in Yorktown, where her parents Carmela and Sal currently live. She graduated from and got her B.A. in Communications at Western New England University in Springfield, Mass. 

For a total body workout, LoBrutto recommends the following exercise: the burpee Along with a push-up.

  • Start standing, with your feet together. 
  • Squat down to the floor, with your hands position shoulder width apart and still
  • Jump your legs back where you position yourself in a push up position
  • Continue to perform a push up
  • Tuck your legs back in towards your hands and go straight into a high jump. 

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Lisa Stamatelos June 09, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Congrats to Anglea and also to another Yorktown resident Corrie-Beth Hughes (a teacher at the Greenburgh-Graham School in Hastings) who also competed in the Women’s Open Figure division. Corrie-Beth claimed second place, showing the most definition of any female competitor on stage that day with detailed legs, back and shoulders and she also won the ‘Best Female Presentation’ award, putting on a very entertaining and energetic routine for the audience. Looking forward to more great events from Mike and his team at Pure Physique.


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