Jill Proskin Wins $17,750 on ABC's 'Millionaire'

The Yorktown teacher and Cross River resident appeared on the show this week.

Jill Proskin, a Cross River resident and Yorktown middle school teacher, won $17,750 after she was a contestant on ABC's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" show. 

Proskin made it up to her eighth question on Wednesday’s show and continued as a holdover contestant on Thursday’s show. She started by looking at her ninth question with an accumulated "Millionaire Bank" of $35,500 and no lifelines left.

However, the woman walked away from the game after seeing her ninth question, which was about New York Yankees' Babe Ruth.

"What would Babe Ruth's name have been if changed to reflect his jersey number in the same manner as football's Chad Ochocinco?" was her question and the correct answer was Babe Tres.

By walking away, Proskin was able to take home $17,750 in winnings. Had she guessed incorrectly on the ninth question, she would have fallen back to $1,000 in winnings.

Proskin said students love her because of her "strange sense of humor" and "whimsical approach to life." Her family and friends call her the "pop-up queen" because she’s obsessed with pop-up books. The woman owns more than 200 pop-up books and even has a whole room in her house dedicated to the collection.

Her husband David accompanied her to New York City and sat in the Millionaire audience as Proskin's on-air companion for the show. The couple has two daughters – Hayleigh, 12, and Alanna Jolie, 10.

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