Mother, Daughter Make Women Feel Glamorous at Salon V

Gina Martucci and her mother Dena Vitale are owners of Salon V in Mohegan Lake.
Gina Martucci and her mother Dena Vitale are owners of Salon V in Mohegan Lake.
Dena Vitale and her daughter Gina Martucci have been transforming women and making their clients look and feel beautiful for years. They have been in business since 1998 and are owners of the red and black accented hair salon in Mohegan Lake. 

Their hair salon – Salon V – is located at 1859 East Main Street in Mohegan Lake. Vitale and Martucci were previously owners of Hair by Dena in Mahopac before deciding to relocate and reinvent their business. 

"I was always interested and always loved doing hair as a child," Vitale said. 

Vitale started out working at a hair salon at age 14 alongside her mother, who was a nail technician in Yonkers. An assistant called out sick one day and the salon needed someone fast, so her mother called and told her to get into a cab immediately. 

The rest is history. 

Martucci has a similar beginning. She started working alongside her mother when she was also 14. She had plans to go to college, but while in high school she loved the beauty business and graduated with her cosmetology license from BOCES in Yorktown.

"I enjoy making people feel and look good when they give you that smile it's a great feeling," Martucci said. "In the beginning I was always compared to my mom so it was tough but as time went on in the salon I became my own hairstylist."

Vitale has been doing hair for 34 years and Martucci for 14 years. At Salon V, they specialize in all Redken hair color and products.

"Our stylists are committed to finding you the perfect cut, color and style in a professional, comfortable and relaxed environment," they said. "Salon V is always on the cutting edge of new technology that will enhance your color and style."

Patch recently caught up with the two women:

Patch: What are the biggest challenges of owning your own hair salon?

Gina Martucci: The biggest challenges of owning your own salon is always having to be on your "A" game. You can never have a bad day. As an owner you have to have eyes all over the salon. There are also so many hair salons and you have to figure out how stand out and create a great brand and reputation. 

Patch: What are the most rewarding aspects?

Dena Vitale: The most rewarding aspects of the business is taking someone who has had her hair badly damaged and is at her wits ends and transforming her hair to healthy, beautiful looking hair. Gaining your client's trust is a great feeling. Also, as an owner training young assistant into great hair stylist and watching them grow into their own is an amazing feeling.  

Patch: What do you specialize at Salon V that would make you stand out from other salons in the area?

Gina Martucci: We specialize in a very high level of service and making each and every person who walks in our door feel welcomed and comfortable. Our expertise is color and creating new looks for each individual. 

Patch: How has the industry changed?

Dena Vitale: The products have gotten so much better. We are not just hair stylists, we are hair doctors. The colors and products have come so far. Companies actually care about what we are using on clients' hair.

Patch: What are 5 things people should consider when choosing a hair stylist?

Gina Martucci: Five things people should consider when choosing a stylist is 1) their level of professionalism, 2) how much knowledge they have, 3) making sure you received a good consultation so there are no surprises, 4) a good first impression and 5) making sure they have a good reputation. 


Salon V is located at 1859 East Main Street in Mohegan Lake. It is open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To make an appointment or for more information call 914-528-8800.

Check out their website and click here for a list of their services. 
Amanda Karaqi January 18, 2014 at 12:05 PM
The cutest salon I've ever been to! The women here are amazing and so welcoming, and make you feel right at home with lunch everyday catered by the owners very own deli! How about a coffe or mimosa as you wait? They offer that, too. So wonderful. Neat, organized, and tastefully decorated. Very impressive :)


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