After Days in the Dark, Yorktown Businesses Reopen

Yorktown business owners around town, who had lost power due to the storm, have had to throw away food and lost thousands of dollars.

Despite being without power for days, throwing out spoiled food and losing thousands of dollars, several business owners in Yorktown said they were happy to get their power back – even partial – on Thursday. 

"Thankfully the only losses we encountered at home and business were financial ones," said Rob Del Balzo whose business Nuttin To It will be open for lunch on Friday. "As uncomfortable as we are without power my heart goes out to the people in south [New] Jersey who don't even know if they have a home."

What would have been one of the busiest weeks for Del Balzo after a slow summer start – they had catering planned for two movies and one reality television show every day this week – instead they had thousands of dollars in perishable products lost already, and more than $10,000 in lost sales, he said.

"Once we get power, it will take a day to organize, throw away bad product, clean and replenish supplies, but we'll be happy to come back when this is all over," Del Balzo said. 

On Friday, he said he will be giving away free coffee to anyone who comes in. His business is also a warm place where people can get free wifi and plug in their devices. Nuttin To It is located at 2013 Crompond Road in Yorktown.

Yorktown Pizza and Pasta, located in the same shopping center, is also open for business. Owner Joe Giuliano said he had to throw out about 200 pounds of food including salads, broccoli, spinach, cheese, sauces, chicken and bread. 

"I saved only what I could save," said Giuliano, who was able to bring some of the food back to his house where he had power. In addition, he cancelled all deliveries prior to Monday knowing that his business might lose power.

"I'm just happy to be open and forget about it," he said.

As far as any lessons learned after enduring three storms – this week's Hurricane Sandy, as well as Hurricane Irene and the October snow storm last year – Giuliano said he was going to buy a generator.

Another business that opens Friday at 7 a.m. is Turco's on Downing Drive. Also open is Don Tommaso's – willing to charge customers' cell phones while they dine.

Jewel of Himalaya, located in the Triangle Shopping Center, is also open for business after getting power back on Thursday. 

"It was horrible," owner Nuru Sherpa said. "I lost so much food. We did not expect this much impact. I hope this kind of disaster will never come back, it was horrible."

Do you know what businesses around town are open? Tell us in the comments below. Are you a business owner? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.


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