Yorktown's Off-Leash Dog Park in Final Stages of Completion

Contractors completed the fencing work at the off-leash dog park in Yorktown on Dec. 4. Photo courtesy of David Rocco.
Contractors completed the fencing work at the off-leash dog park in Yorktown on Dec. 4. Photo courtesy of David Rocco.
The off-leash dog park – Sylvan Glen Paw Park in Yorktown – is in its final stages of completion. For the last 10 years, dog lovers have been waiting for a dog park to open and now they are just a few steps away from that dream becoming a reality.  

Contractors have completed the needed fence installation at the Sylvan Glen Paw Park. The dog park, however, is not officially open yet because of the need to remove the remaining stumps, protruding grade level tree roots, discarded stumps, branches, scattered leaves and rocks.

"We are all excited and anxious to use the Sylvan Glen Paw Park, but until we remove the hazardous conditions determined by Yorktown Parks and Recreation, the Paw Park is off limits," Chairman of the Yorktown Community Dog Park David Rocco told Patch.

The sooner those hazards are removed, the sooner residents can let their dogs run free.

"I and a few other volunteers have been working on this issue on a daily basis," Rocco said. "We accomplished a lot these past several weeks, but there is still plenty of things to do that is needed to get this park opened."

Volunteers, who are willing to help take care of the remaining safety issues, are asked to bring garbage cans, mop pails, bow saws, rakes, trimmers, gloves and eye protection.

"If enough people come down, this problem will be solved and Yorktown Parks and Recreation will give us the green light," Rocco said. "For those who have never been to Sylvan Glen Park, this will be a great opportunity to see this beautiful hidden treasure and meet people who share the same goal that you do."

Rocco said Yorktown Community Dog Park members will establish committees to raise the necessary money for park accessories. Currently, sections of the fencing are available for a donation of $50 to $100. So far, 17 sections have been sold.   

Members would also need to raise money for Sylvan Glen Paw Park signs, kiosk stands, memorial park benches and picnic tables.  

Rocco, who got involved with the Yorktown Community Dog Park group along with his wife Ruby in 2002, said there are a number of benefits to Yorktown having a dog park. 

"I strongly believe dogs need to run off leash for a variety of reasons," said Rocco, who has two dogs. "The most important is that they get the proper exercise they don’t get when being leashed up or contained on a small piece of property."

There are benefits not only for the dogs, but also it gives people a chance to meet other people, Rocco told Patch in a previous interview.

If you are interested in volunteering and helping remove some of the hazards on the site, contact Rocco at coyoteroc@verizon.net.

The Sylvan Glen Park is located at the intersection of Morris Lane and Grant Avenue in Mohegan Lake. 


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