'Somers 202' Restaurant Rescued by Food Network Show

The restaurant, located at 2 Old Tomahawk Street in Yorktown Heights, was featured on "Restaurant Steakout."

A Yorktown restaurant and its owners were "rescued" by Willie Degel when 'Somers 202' restaurant was featured last week in an episode of Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout."

Degel, the show's host, met with the two first-time owners, Joe Mazzella and Gene Angelo, lifelong friends who have nearly $1 million invested in their restaurant, according to a recap of the show on Examiner.com.

"However, things are going very wrong, and they needed help from Willie to make it right. Willie met with the guys and got their keys to set up the hidden cameras and microphones," Diane Zoller-Ciatto wrote. 

According to a description on the Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout" website, the two men – Wall Street hotshots – opened "Somers 202" in Yorktown 4 years ago. 

"While locals initially loved the restaurant, lately business has bottomed out," the show's description read. "The owners dream of passing the restaurant down to their children, but without Willie's help, shutting the doors on Somers 202 may be their only reality."

Degel observed staff members' behavior before confronting them. With the use of hidden cameras, he and the owners watched what went on at the restaurant while they were away. 

Several problems according to the show's recap included customers refilling their own drinks as the bartender stepped away from the bar, a dog eating under a table at the restaurant and having an understaffed restaurant. 

Six weeks later, according to the recap, the restaurant was running smoother and the bar was filled with people.

To read the entire show's recap, click here.
Tonya Anthony December 17, 2013 at 08:58 AM
It was all actors and it all happened in three days. They don't come back in 6 weeks. The food and staff at 202 are amazing!


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