MLK March Goes On Despite Frigid Temperatures

Cold weather doesn't diminish those from keeping the dream alive.

A small but spirited group from White Plains and the surrounding communities braved sub-freezing temperatures as they marched from the Slater Center to the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in front of the Westchester County Courthouse Sunday afternoon.

After posing for photographs beneath the statue, the group marched two additional blocks in each direction singing "We Shall Overcome" before heading down the street that is named in honor of the man whose life's work they were celebrating.

The two dozen people of all ages then returned to the Slater Center to warm up and to listen to speeches about Dr. King.

Sheila Harris January 16, 2012 at 04:39 PM
I wish that you would not only remember what the man did and stood for but what his message was about. He had a message of peace and love for all human but you sit here and judge people, Stu is correct the 40 people did not forget, came to the march even though it was cold and they were committed but you talk about committment and you were home looking at your computer.........If you read the original story behind this walk, not march, it was to bring to light the use of the "N" word. I did a walk to honor a man that change a lot of injustice by marching so I decided that I would honor him on his day by doing what he would have done. Those people did not forget it was the people that didnt come, like you, that were not committed or "spirited". So before you post something you should always make sure your backyard is clean before you judge others. One last thing: I will pray that God opens your heart and mind and that you see that it is not about how many people showed up it is about how many people my "Dream" reached. Maybe next year you will not only read about this walk you will be there. Have a blessed day and do something today to remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and dont forget his life and message. Much love, Sheila Harris
MARC January 16, 2012 at 07:18 PM
You entirely missed my point even though I made the same point twice. Lets try a third time. I was commenting on the people who did NOT come, not anywhere close to insulting those that did. I found that insulting to the memory of such a great man. Additionally, You have no idea where I was. Perhaps I was at another MLK march or perhaps I was tending to a sick parent...or it might be that I am a volunteer for the National Guard and was involved for the entire weekend. For someone preaching the wisdom of Dr King, you appear quick to judge, misinterpret and seem intent on picking an argument. Hopefully you dont take the same actions with your participants as someone just might consider that to be the reason for the relatively small turnout? Much love, Marc
Heather Miller January 16, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Marc and Sheila, both of you are passionate about the same issue, therefore, you don't have to go there with each other. Marc, we invite you to join us next year and to assist us in bringing out more people. This was Sheila's first organizing event and kudos to you, Sheila, for starting what we hope will become an annual event. Heather
Dina Sciortino January 17, 2012 at 01:06 AM
I apologize MARC, but I had to delete the last comment because it is considered personal. Usually, I try to email someone and talk about it before it gets deleted, but I don't have your email address. You are more than welcome to voice your viewpoints here. I hope that Patch is a place where people can feel free to discuss their views—but please make sure your comments comply with the terms of use which discourages people making those kind of personal statements. Please feel free to leave any and all remarks that comply with those terms. If you have any questions at all please email or call me dina.sciortino@patch.com or 914.610.8525
Patricia Wilder January 17, 2012 at 04:10 AM
I agree - Kudos to you Sheila!!!! It was a great gesture for a great man who stood for many, many, many great things!! Yes we all do forget and THAT is why we all need to be reminded every now and again!! Never forget the hero's! Sure there were alot of things that should be remembered but MLK is SPECIAL - ALL MEN ARE EQUAL AND BECAUSE OF HIM WE ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS TODAY!!!


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