Don't Forget to Clear Area Around Your Fire Hydrant

The first major snow storm of the season left several inches of snow on the ground, closed schools and cancelled programs.

Now, as residents are digging out, firefighters are reminding residents to clear the area around their fire hydrants. 

"We are kindly asking residents with fire hydrants on or near their property to please remove snow from around the fire hydrants and not shovel or plow snow in a manner that will hinder the accessibility or visibility of the fire hydrants," Yorktown Heights Fire Department officials wrote on their Facebook page. "Seconds matter in emergencies, please help us as we are out there helping you."

First Lieutenant Chris Gravius of the Lake Mohegan Fire Department said that sometimes firefighters run into a problem finding or accessing a fire hydrant.

"This is not because the fire hydrant has been moved, rather because it is hidden from view," he said. "One of the most prevalent problems occurs after a snowstorm, when either the amount of snow accumulation is great, or the snow has been plowed high against the fire hydrant."

He said residents should take the time to clear the snow away from the fire hydrant so firefighters can see it and gain access to it easily.

"In the event of a fire, valuable time will be lost if the fire department has to clear away the snow," Gravius said. 

Westchester District postal officials are also reminding residents to include the mailbox in their snow removal routine since carriers depend on clear access for safe and timely mail delivery. 

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